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P.O. Box 892589
Temecula, CA 92589-2589

(951) 506-3086

The Church Growth Network, founded in 1987, provides a wide range of professional consulting services for churches. Our firm is particularly well-versed in church analysis, strategic planning, staffing, breaking size barriers, coaching of church planters, and generational change issues.


McIntosh Consulting Group

Church Consulting & Coaching

Picture your church in the not-too-distant future.  Imagine a gradually changing attitude reflecting a new sense of expectancy.  Imagine new people with a contagious enthusiasm for Christ and your church.  Imagine ministries pulsating with new life.  Imagine a new heart for mission in your church.

Is it possible?   The answer . . . a resounding YES! It is possible.  Indeed, God very much wants to see it happen.  Just think about it.  God wants your church to grow!  And, the McIntosh Church Growth Network stands ready to assist you through personal coaching and/or your church through consulting to see growth take place.

Gary L. McIntosh is one of the top three to five church consultants in the United States today.  Here is what others are saying about some his church consultations.

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your consultation with our elders.  You are a wealth of help and guidance.  And you do it with such grace!  As I sat there listening to you describe the challenges of growing from 400-800, I noticed the elders faces.  They were lighting up with understanding about things that I would have found difficult to say.  You did a masterful job.” —Jerry Reub, Cornerstone Church [2007]
“It was wonderful to return from my time in England and Indonesia and to receive the McIntosh Report.  Thank you for its clarity, brevity, wisdom and insight.  Everybody so far has received it with enthusiasm, which is no mean feat in the Midwest!  May God richly bless you in your ministry of strengthening and supporting the Church.” —C. John Steer, Autumn Ridge Church [2006]
“I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with Gary individually on several occasions, and he has been a tremendous blessing to my life and ministry.  Gary is a very wise, stable, insightful and capable Christian man. The counsel, guidance and direction Gary has offered to me over the past two years have been extremely helpful.” —John W. Tastad, East Hills Christian Church [2000]
“The impact has been incredible.  Through his insight and recommendations I have grown as a pastor in ways I never thought possible.   We appreciated not only Gary’s expertise but also the spirit by which he worked with us.  He was compassionate, sensitive and personable as he interviewed our people, brought recommendations and continues to lead us though the growing process.  Each conversation has been an encouragement to me as a pastor to continue in the work to which God has called me.” —Robert L. Bletcher, Faith Evangelical Church [2000]


Often church leaders and pastors become involved in their own interests. Potentials and options are overlooked that may be obvious to a more objective, outside person. We have all be impacted by the truth of the statement, “Sometimes I’m so close to the forest that I can’t see the trees.” A consultant has no “axe” to grind, hurt feelings or hidden agendas to further cloud the issues.

In addition an outside consultant has a broader range of experiences and exposure to ideas and resources than the normal church member. He brings with him a wide knowledge of proven processes that may be applied to each church and help increase the overall growth potential.


The McIntosh Church Growth Network currently provides the following services to accomplish our mission.

  • Coaching — People today are using personal coaches for everything from exercise to weight loss to career development.  We have discovered that pastors and church leaders also benefit from a personal coach who provides a resource outside of their ministry.  A personal coach can meet individually on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly time schedule.  Coaching is also available via phone or computer networking.
  • Consulting — The consulting process is a supportive and coordinated effort between local church leaders and The McIntosh Church Growth Network.  It is not a “canned” approach.  Rather, it is a process which guides a participating congregation to discover and develop its own individual plan for church growth. Consultation is available from one day to as long as needed.


For further information on coaching and/or consulting, including times, fees, and schedules, contact Dr. Gary L. McIntosh:

McIntosh Church Growth Network
PO Box 892589
Temecula, CA 92589-2589
Phone or Fax: 951-506-3086


"Having you here in October certainly primed our pump!  Our people came away rather enthused.  We are well in route going to two services; we are building 100 new parking spaces, and have revamped the nursery.  Thanks again for the Church Growth Network newsletter.  I enjoy receiving the letter monthly.  Thanks for ministry with us". —Jack De Wolfe, Emmanuel Baptist Church [1989]
"I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank you for your ministry to us at the Neighborhood Church.  I have had a very positive response from several people and I know the Lord has already used you to begin our rebuilding process.  I really appreciated your time with the Board on Sunday afternoon.  I also want to thank you for the many hours you spent with me.  I appreciate your professional presentation, but more than that, I appreciate the fact that you are a friend and brother in the Lord." —Lyle R. Williams, Neighborhood Church [1989]
"I just recently received and read the evaluation, which you sent of Prince of Peace.  I am writing to say thank you. I believe the diagnostic evaluation is very accurate . . . very helpful . . . and gives a good since of direction for our planning assignment." —Stephen A. Wagner, Prince of Peace [1989]
"Gary seemed so perceptive, and was so sensitive to our needs, and to the problems we were experiencing in our church.  This was especially true when we had a division, and lost our pastor after very trying circumstances.  While we were without a pastor, Gary gave us the support and encouragement to “keep on keeping on”.  Gary helped our new pastor in a very positive manner with a thorough orientation of what all had transpired before he became pastor here.   Gary definitely “went the extra mile” for us in many instances, and besides that . . . he’s a pretty nice guy to know!" —Nancy Triplett, First Baptist Church [1986]