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The Church Growth Network, founded in 1987, provides a wide range of professional consulting services for churches. Our firm is particularly well-versed in church analysis, strategic planning, staffing, breaking size barriers, coaching of church planters, and generational change issues.


Pastors are Key

Gary McIntosh

Pastors are the key to turning around a church.  Dr. Gary L. McIntosh discusses the importance of pastoral leadership for revitalizing a local church. 

Creating Change

Gary McIntosh

Dr. Donald McGavran once suggested that the best way to bring about change is to speak the right word to the right person in the right manner. I'd add at the right time, too. 

Memorial Day

Gary McIntosh

Celebrating Memorial Day today with family. My family has lots of military service, going back to early years in Scotland. Family members served in the Creek Wars, The Civil War, WWI, and WWII.  

Nigerian Pastors

Gary McIntosh

My host and I at the end of yesterday's pastors conference. Joseph is a businessman and a leader among Nigerian churches, helping pastors get continuing education and some needed rest.   


Breaking New . . .

Gary McIntosh

Just finished speaking at the Breaking New Ground Pastor's Conference in Orlando, FL. All the pastors were from Nigeria. Had a great time getting to know about churches in that country  

Orlando Bound

Gary McIntosh

Heading to Orlando, FL today to speak to pastors from Africa. This is their yearly conference. Speaking on taking a church to a new level of ministry and biblical church growth.  

Rainy Day

Gary McIntosh

@drgmcintosh: It's raining today in Southern Cal. Good news for a dry land. I'm making  the final edits on Growing God's Church. Nice to stay inside

Growing God's Church

Gary McIntosh

Jut finished editing Donald A. McGavran: A Biography of the Twenty-first Century's Premiere Missiologist. It's due for release this July.  Now I'm working on my next book Growing God's Church: Hiw People are Actually Coming to Faith in Christ and the Church. 

Pastoral Ministry

Gary McIntosh

Finished teaching at the Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp in Virginia. Now headed back to Talbot School of Theilogy to teach a class on Pastoral Ministry.