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The Church Growth Network, founded in 1987, provides a wide range of professional consulting services for churches. Our firm is particularly well-versed in church analysis, strategic planning, staffing, breaking size barriers, coaching of church planters, and generational change issues.

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Genuine Vision

Gary McIntosh

"When there is a genuine vision (as opposed to the all-too familiar 'vision statement'), people excel and learn, not because they are told to, but because they want to." -Peter M. Senge in The Fifth Discipline. 

Ontario International Airport

Gary McIntosh

Early morning at Ontario International Airport waiting to fly to Jackson, MS to speak on THERE's HOPE FOR YOUR CHURCH to a group of sixty-five motivated pastors.   Appreciate your prayers. 

Getting Things Done

Gary McIntosh

If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come. C. S. Lewis

Survival, Success, or Significance?

Gary McIntosh

   The normal progression of a person's career starts with just trying to survive. We often leave the world of education with bills and the need to establish ourselves as contenders in life. The first thing we need is a job, so we an survive. This Survival Phase typically carries us through our 20s and 30s, but then we begin to want more out of life. we want Success. 

   By age 40 we have proved we are survivors, but we want to be seen as a success. So during our 40s and 50s we turn our efforts toward proving we are successful, that we are one of the best in ou chosen field, that we can contribute value to our profession. By the end of the Success Phase (around age 60) we look back on a successful career with justifiable pride. But, we begin to desire more than success. We want Significance. 

   As we enter our 60s and 70, success no longer provides the motivatiation it once did. Our thoughts turn to leaving a legacy, and we enter the Significance Phase. Just having a job and a career no longer inspires us to great achievements, what we want is a true calling. Thus, our job gives way to career, and career gives way to calling. Fulfilling our calling creates significance. 

   So, are you seeking survival, success, or significance?  Where do you find yourself in this normal cycle of work? 


The Pastor is Key

Gary McIntosh

Pastors are the key to turning around a church.  Dr. Gary L. McIntosh discusses the importance of pastoral leadership for revitalizing a local church. 

New Ministries

Gary McIntosh

The basic rule is "New ministries reach new people."  If your church's current ministries were reaching new people, they'd already be there. The fact that new people are not coming indicates new ministries are needed. Remember: It takes new ministries to reach new people. 

Is There Hope For Your Church?

Gary McIntosh

Dr. Gary L. McIntosh believes there is hope for your church. Join him in an exploration of how to turnaround a plateaued or declining church. Purchase his practical book There's Hope For Your Church: First Steps for Health and Growth. 


Award Winning Author

Gary McIntosh

Award-winning author, Gary L. McIntosh, has been recognized around the world for his practical writing, speaking engagements, and books.

In his recent book, “Donald A. McGavran: The Twentieth Century's Premier Missiologist," McIntosh honors the foundational insights of an American missionary, professor, and writer Donald McGavran. 

By reading “Donald A. McGavran,” individuals will be captivated by the storyline of the founder of the modern Church Growth Movement.

Order now at or at Available in soft book or e-book formats.